Vector Peristaltic Pump Products
Vector Peristaltic Pumps
Designed specifically for...
High viscosity fluids
Aggressive and corrosive fluids
High purity solutions
Abrasive fluids

Vector Series Peristaltic Pumps Set a New Standard for Tough Fluid Processing Applications

The versatile VECTOR peristaltic pump gives you pumping options you can’t get from standard positive displacement or centrifugal industrial pumps. The VECTOR pump is designed to handle the high viscosity fluids commonly found in industrial processing. Whether these fluids are pasty, pulpy or just plain thick, the VECTOR peristaltic pump can reliably start, stop and continuously pump such fluids at a wide range of pressures and flows.

The pumping action is powerful, but will not break up delicate emulsions or cause excessive frothing of dissolved gases. With no cups, seals or packing to come in direct contact with the pumped fluids, the VECTOR peristaltic pump is ideal for pumping high purity fluids or fluids corrosive enough to require complete isolation from contact with mechanical parts of the fluid transport system.

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Vector Peristaltic Pumps
Selection for Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps
Model 2002 Peristaltic Pump
Model 2003 Peristaltic Pump
Model 2004 Peristaltic Pump
Model 2005 Peristaltic Pump
Model 2006 Peristaltic Pump
Model 2007 Peristaltic Pump
Model 2008 Peristaltic Pump
Model 2009 Peristaltic Pump
Model 2010 Peristaltic Pump
Model 3005 Peristaltic Pump

Vector Peristaltic Pumps Features
Dry pump cavity
Self-priming operation
Runs dry without damage
Complete isolation of pumped fluid
Heavy-duty roller bearings
Wide range of pump configurations/flows
No cups, packing or seals
Low maintenance
Reversible flow

Design Advantages of Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic hose pumps ideal for fluid transfer, metering and dispensing
FDA grade and chemical duty hoses
flows up to 200 gpm
can run dry
self priming
great for slurries and fluids and abrasives
Pumps are sealless positive displacement for contamination free dosing

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