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17 models to handle a wide range of processing requirements!

Vector Peristaltic Pumps

Ideal for challenging fluids!

High-viscosity up to

100,000 cps


Vector Peristaltic Pumps Handle Aggressive or Corrosive Fluids, High-viscosity Fluids, and High-purity Fluids

Designed to Handle Difficult Fluids for a wide range of processing requirements

Available in 17 models to handle a wide range of processing requirements, Vector peristaltic pumps are ideal for pumping challenging fluids without altering their composition.

They move high-viscosity (up to 100,000 cps) pasty, pulpy, thick, abrasive, and corrosive solutions as well as fluids containing solids up to 3-1/2 inches (90 mm) in size.

Vector pumps isolate the fluid being pumped into a single, durable hose so they can handle tough fluids.

  • Handles Abrasive Solids

    Can pump abrasive fine particles and solids up to 3-1/2 inches (90 mm)
  • Easy to Clean

    Reversible rotary movement provides for easy-to-clean system piping; flushing may be eliminated
  • Self-priming

    Requires no priming chamber

Vector Pump Performance Advantages

How do Vector Peristaltic Pumps Operate?

Superior Roller Design

Despite this powerful pumping action, Vector pumps will not cause frothing or delicate emulsions to break up.

Since fluids travel through a single hose, they never come into contact with moving valves, springs, or seals.

This makes Vector pumps ideal for handling abrasive, shear-sensitive, or corrosive fluids. Dyes, thick fluids, and solids up to 3-1/2 inches (90 mm) are also readily pumped.

Afterfifty years

of designing, assembling, testing and continuously improving Vector pumps, we are confident that we are producing great products in a timely,
cost-efficient manner at our high volume,
state of the art 113,000 sq.ft. manufacturing
facility located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Precise, quality manufacturing. Stringent quality control systems for component-to-component and unit-to-unit quality and consistency.


100% Tested: 15 min. to 2 hour run cycle on every pump. We test every unit before shipping for full flow at rated pressure, temperature, noise, vibration, etc.


On-going cooperative product development with our customers ranging from simple product modifications to completely customized pumping systems.


Let us help you determine the best pump solution for your application.