Industries Served and Fluids Pumped

Vector peristaltic pumps can handle the most difficult process fluids to serve a wide range of commercial, institutional, industrial, and municipal markets. Examples of many successful applications are listed in this section - but these are not limitations. If you have a difficult fluid to process not listed, contact Wanner Engineering for application assistance.

Vector Pump Performance Advantages

Building & Construction

Adhesives, dyes, glues, grout, iron oxide pigments, paints, plaster, pottery, tile

Ceramic & Glass

Clay slips, dyes, enamels, glazes, grinding water, grout, quartz paste, silicon

Chemical Processing

Abrasive mixes, acids, adhesive resins, caustic soda, detergent paste, latex, pigments, polyester mixes, polymers


Alcohol, spices, spirits


Polyester slurries for insulating wire

Food & Beverage Processing

Bentonite and carbon slurries, butter, cake dough, cake frosting, caramel, chocolate, cream, egg yolks with whites, fats, flavorings, fruit juices, gelatins, ice cream, jams and preserves, milk, mustard, potato waste, syrups, tomato sauce, water and salt mixtures, yeast solution, yogurt


Sewage, wastewater, solid waste

Meat Processing

Acids, animal and waste blood, hair and bone mixtures

Medical, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

Face creams, latex, lotions, plasma, protein solutions, shampoo, vaccines, Vaseline

Mining, Tunneling & Quarrying

Coal, copper and platinum slurries


Acids, diluents, thinners

Pulp & Paper

Abrasive, fibrous fluids, aluminum sulfate, boiler wastewater, caustic soda (lye), cold seal, dyes, hydrochloric acid, inks, pre-paint coatings, sulfuric acid


Acids, dyes, ferrous sulfate, waste fluids with solids

Textile Manufacturing

Acids, adhesives, bleach, dyes, sizing

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Acids, activated carbon, aluminum sulfate, caustic soda (lye), ferrous chloride, flocculants, foam inhibitors, lime slurries, solid waste

Expensive chemicals and compounds, including adhesive resins, polymers, and latex are protected by Vector pumps during processing.



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