Vector Design and Manufacturing Standards

When we say “Simply Built to Last”, we mean it!

50 years

50 years of Experience

Vector pumps are designed, built, and tested in the Wanner Engineering 113,000 square foot facility located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have 50 years of experience serving manufacturers, processors, and commercial or institutional organizations, including many major global companies.

Vector pumps are performance-proved for efficiently pumping the widest range of corrosive, high-temperature, abrasive, viscous, non-lubricating, and recycled fluids, as well as liquids containing solids. Every pump is assembled with the proper materials of construction to meet the application. Our capability is the result of a strategic emphasis on adopting sound management principles throughout the plant combined with attention to detail for every task and procedure.


Continuous Improvement

  • High-precision machining equipment and lean production practices throughout an extensively automated manufacturing facility.
  • All pumps are designed, built, and tested in the USA.
  • Design engineering services available for assistance with your application.
  • Extensive inventory and reliable supply chain.
  • Stringent quality control systems for component-to- component and unit-to-unit quality and consistency.
  • Every pump is tested (15-minute to 2-hour run cycles) for full flow at rated pressure, temperature, noise, and vibration.

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